Menace of Global Variables

Hello everyone. In this week I had learnt a few things about writing beautiful and organized code. In the end of first week I started to write code. Initially my code base was very small, therefore I went on writing and writing more and more code and repeating same design patterns.

Therefore, for these problems what I learnt was code refactoring and design patterns. The first is one somewhat obvious that we need to mainatin code’s modularity and arrange related and similar pieces of code with each other in order to ensure easier debugging and extension of other features. Therefore, I refacored my code in a number of files namely :

  3. And other files like,,, and many others to be added depending on further features to be added.

In this process of code refactoring, I realised the menace of using global variables. One of the global variables was a Python dictionary, which was accessed by multiple functions. Therefore, when I grouped those functions in different files, my whole application failed. Then, I had to remove that global variable and make it a member variable of a class. In this case, correcting code was easy, but if I were to realise it a week or two later, then I think using global variables might would have wasted my whole day at that time.

Recently, I also went through a dozen design patterns in reaation to my GUI application. Therefore, my next post will be on Design Patterns.


Author: scorpiocoder

I am a 3rd year, IIIT-Chittoor student enthusiastic and confused about various software technologies : Python, Machine Learning, Networks, Natural Language Processing and Android Development

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