Hello everyone. Needed Feedback for pip_tkinter.

Hello my fellow GSoCers. Hope you all have very good time and regularly check for your blog feeds in terri.toybox.ca/python-soc/.

I just needed feedback for my tkinter based pip GUI application in order to improve it further.  Your contribution as feedback can be very valuable and helpful to let me know what people may expect from this project. Let me tell you about this project :

We have made a preliminary version of GUI for PIP. This project is intended to provide a GUI version for “pip”  ( target audience for the project : beginners in Python or people who are not familiar with command line).

How to install pip_tkinter?

Please post as many issues and suggestions here : https://github.com/upendra-k14/pip_gui/issues

The project idea is discussed on these issues on Python Bug Tracker :
1. Issue #23551 : IDLE to provide menu link to PIPgui.

2. Issue #27051 : Create PIP GUI

The GitHub repo of the project : https://github.com/upendra-k14/pip_gui/tree/dump_code


Author: scorpiocoder

I am a 3rd year, IIIT-Chittoor student enthusiastic and confused about various software technologies : Python, Machine Learning, Networks, Natural Language Processing and Android Development

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